LA DÉCOUPE D'UN FROMAGE Poster - Beige - Design : ICH&KAR
LA DÉCOUPE D'UN FROMAGE Poster - Beige - Design : ICH&KAR 2 LA DÉCOUPE D'UN FROMAGE Poster - Beige - Design : ICH&KAR 3 LA DÉCOUPE D'UN FROMAGE Poster - Beige - Design : ICH&KAR 4


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The Cheese Cutting poster, a must for cheese lovers, gourmets and gastronomes.

The poster 'Cheese Cutting', a must for cheese lovers, gourmets and foodies or simply for those who love Camembert, Brie or Roquefort. Cutting cheese is an art. This poster will be a real guide to make the most beautiful cheese platters.

The Cheese has a variety of taste and texture, mind to always cut it so that the core and rind are included in the slice...
Then, depending on the shape of your cheese, you can cut it into rectangular slices, thin slices or small triangles but avoid cutting it into squares at all costs!

Yum! A whole program to become a cheese lover...

Use both hands to cut the cheese correctly. Start from the heart of the cheese if round, or start from the tip and cut towards the outside if it's sliced. Cut the same amount of rind on all the pieces served.

For marbled pasta,
The portions should be as regular as possible and of the same weight: Equal proportions of cheese is the key to a good cheese board.

Large pieces like Brie
It is not possible to cut a large slice from the heart to the heel; therefore, it is best to first cut some slices in width on the tip, then some slices in length with the heel.

They are cut into triangular pieces starting from the center of the heart, as if it were a round Camembert.

The logs
They are simply cut into slices. Beware of the straw in the Sainte-Maure de Touraine!

Pyramids and cylinders like Charolais
They are cut into thin, long slices following the height of the cheese. It is best to leave the rind on the cheese because most of them are edible and some customers love it. The rind is also a guarantee of the cheese's identity. Each taster can remove it or eat it as he or she wishes.

If you wish to cut cheeses properly, you need tools designed for each shape and texture. Don't mix the flavors of the cheeses, it is best to have a distinct tool for each type.


Made in France
Dimensions: 50x70 cm
High quality digital print on fedrigoni oldmild paper 150 g
Poster shipped unframed

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Dimensions (cm)
50x70 cm

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