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THE EXCLUSIVE ACCESSIBLE ... SUSTAINABLE ... FOR AN ETHICAL CONSUMPTION. Designerbox selects the best international designers to offer you authentic products, created and handcrafted with the greatest care by the designers themselves or locally by the best artisans. Molded, shaped or woven, on Designerbox, each object, accessory, lamp or furniture, embodies a unique knowledge. On Designerbox, we guarantee the authenticity of each object. Objects with integrity that are made to resist the test of time, objects that will age well, objects with stories that will be offered and passed on to children and grandchildren. Handmade objects by European artisans, independent designers and labels, recycled or recyclable materials, direct supply chain, ... are all important commitments for Designerbox.
Designerbox, it is the advantage of local distribution circuits to buy 100% authentic designer objects at the best price
On Designerbox, these are unique home products available directly at accessible prices, to the delight of those who eschew mass-market.
Buying a product on Designerbox is not only a pleasure but also a way of supporting European design and craftsmanship.

Exclusively made with recycled or recyclable materials, on Designerbox every objects are made to resist the test of time and to age well.

On Designerbox, every product is handmade certified by the best European artisans, designers or independent labels.


All year round, the Designerbox team travel across Europe in search of the best independent designers and labels.

Designerbox, selects for you original & ethical unseen product that will help to add more substance and authenticity to your home decor.


Designerbox hand-picks the best european designers in order to offer you authentic products, designed and made with the utmost care by the creators themselves or by the best local artisans.

Moulded, shaped or woven, on Designerbox every product, whether an accessory or a piece of furniture, are made to resist the test of time and to age well.

Social Ethic

On Designerbox, you don't buy a simple product, you allow craftsmen and designers to make a living from their know-how.

Designerbox is about giving yourself pleasure but also about supporting European design and craftsmanship.

Fair price

Designerbox is a unique platform that allows decorators and amateurs to buy european handmade design products directly to the best designers and craftsmen.

Designerbox gives you the benefit of direct sales, offering 100% authentic designer objects at the best price

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At Designerbox, we work closely with designers and artisans on a daily basis to give you access to a unique decorating offer at the best price. Designerbox cuts out the middlemen to promote short circuits and encourage the emergence of today's and tomorrow's talents through a strong editorial content.

Creation, ethic and sustainability ... > Discover our core values!