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Brichet Ziegler
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About Brichet Ziegler

Four handed design

If you decided to resort to simplistic analogies, the BrichetZiegler duo could be presented as the yin and yang of design. Fully drawing on its bipolar side, the studio consists of two highly complementary personalities (a man/a woman; an engineer/an aesthete) who were brought together in 2010 by their unifying love of «doing», the year in which they created their eponymous studio. This singularity will be confirmed in 2015 with the creation of "ByHands », their own design label allowing them to explore and express their own vision of design, without ceasing to collaborate with other publishers.

Entirely handmade in the case of By Hands, or manufactured through their projects created with Versant, the duo’s achievements make the most of the action. Never content with simply wielding a pencil, Caroline Brichet and Pierre Ziegler each put their drawing to the test in their workshop, by systematically realizing the associated prototypes.


Let’s meet this designers’ duo who won the Grand Prix de la Création de la ville de Paris in 2018.

"With By Hands, we offer objects that tell the story of our universe and our values. Gathered by an exclusive manufacture, they are linked by a common point: our hands, those who draw and those who manufacture."

What is By Hands?
"It is a design brand and a collection of objects exclusively designed, drawn and handmade in our own workshop."

You are already published by reknowned design brands, so why did you start this self-publishing adventure?
« This brand allows us to give life to distinctive items and to accompany them from the beginning to the end. The hand-making of the objects we design has been part of our creative process since we began. We draw the objects and then we produce them; it is a way to make our creations tangible.
The envy to create By Hands has come from this practice. Underlining this identity of our own, without stopping collaborating with other companies. These relations feed our work, and this « hand » work enriches our proposals and researches.

What distinguishes the ByHands pieces?
A sensitive and precise finish, with several materials mixed around craft and delicate techniques, and new products that will come regularly. Revealing the mark of the hands that made it, each piece of a series is unique and singular.

Material is an important element in your creations?
« The family of objects By Hands translates our researches on the material. Through expressive and familiar shapes, we want to show its simplicity and its poetry.
Copper, wood, leather, concrete, paper or steel are hand-made according to different techniques and at different states. Raw or finished, natural or formed, we let the material express itself, we enhance it. »


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