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Antoine Pillot
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About Antoine Pillot

Modular and functional, my pieces are made by hand in my workshop and are part of a true reflection around the form and function of the utility object.

It was in 2017 in Canada that I started working the land and designing my first pieces. Upon my return to France in 2019, I began training as a "ceramist-creator" at the CNIFOP. Following this training, I decided to settle in Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye in Burgundy, a village famous for its stoneware and its strong pottery tradition.

Modularity is an essential element of my creative approach. The utilitarian pieces as I conceive them have in common that they can be assembled, complement each other, combine to create a graphic and functional combination. The idea is to give users the possibility to play with these shapes and the different assemblies in order to create new combinations.

I make my pieces by the technique of casting in hand-made plaster moulds. I use porcelain and stoneware that I keep raw or I color in the mass to bring a touch of color. My pieces are glazed only on the inside with a transparent enamel in order to play with the glossy/matte contrast and keep a pure and minimalist aspect.

My pieces are produced in small and medium series and are entirely handmade. They may therefore present slight variations which is not a defect but rather a guarantee of their authenticity.

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