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About the designer trotter

Tristan Froger is a young designer of French origin, creator of design products, furniture and interior architecture, with a unique journey. Born to a communications director mother and a photographer father, Tristan is cradled in art and culture. Very young, he frequented galleries, exhibition halls, and quickly appropriated the spaces he occupied. Paper and pencil in hand, he draws everywhere, builds what he wants with what he finds, and takes pleasure in moving all the objects at his disposal to understand the appropriation of uses. His passion was born from his experiences.

At the age of 16, his classic school curriculum was interrupted to undertake professional studies.
He trained for 4 years in architecture with Philippe Bontemps and Hélène Le Merdy, both state-certified architects. He obtained his baccalaureate at the Jean-Moulin d'Angers school and the jury's congratulations. He explores new horizons and discovers design.

At the age of 21, he entered training as a “space designer” in the renowned Nantes Atlantic Design School. He obtained his patent and was hired in the training company Athex, specializing in furniture and interior design, in which he remained for 5 years. In parallel, it restores the family home and makes it an atypical accommodation for all travelers who come to discover the beautiful Anjou region. At 26, he moved to London, bag on his back, to perfect his English and left in search of a new perspective. When he returned to France, he met Philippe Daney, Haroun-al-Raschid, as well as many entrepreneurs.

When he was 28, he founded The Designer Trotter, a design studio based in Angers (France), specializing in design products, furniture and interior architecture. Under his leadership, the company launched its first series of limited pieces entitled “The colors of autumn” inspired by nature and respectful of the environment, made by local artisans with a contemporary design aesthetic.

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