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Presse Citron
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About Presse Citron

An accessible and inventive design !

PRESSE CITRON Studio is a design studio and publishing house founded in 1997 by Didier Chaudanson - a graduate of the Ecole Boulle - dedicated to objects and small furniture. In 2007, Didier was joined by Stéphanie Noël - a graduate of the Beaux Arts de Paris. 

Presse Citron's creations are all designed and manufactured in France, contributing to maintaining a French qualification and workforce. 

Didier and Stéphanie cultivate the will to develop an accessible and inventive design, with a playful spirit where fantasy and rigor are ordered in harmony. Our stoves have become emblematic of the brand, but our minds are always on the lookout for new functional and original objects. 

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