Charlotte Taylor

«Arching forwards»

This millennial has made a name for herself on Instagram with her minimalist digital illustrations. Conceiving ravishing spaces and other fantastical, delicately sinuous interiors, the much-fêted young Brit has widely contributed to the resurgence of archways and curves in interior architecture.


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A born artist, Charlotte Taylor grew up embedded in design and creativity, with her lighting-designer father passing on on his passion for spaces. Even as a very young girl, she was fascinated by the architectural power of Lego and she considered becoming an architect before taking a place at the Chelsea College of Art, eschewing the mathematical rigour of the practical trade for the sensual and delicate curves of her active imagination. Though she cites Ricardo Bofill and Luis Barragan as her favourite architects – in doing, so, affirming her clear penchant for modernism – she likes to add real elements and fantastical structures to create emotional spaces devoid of all pragmatic consideration. Drawing by instinct, always improvising, she creates illustrations rooted in the paper sketches and photographs that often precede her digital work.




Despite her spontaneous approach, Charlotte is developing a trademark style almost in spite of herself: terrazzo floors, pastel hues, ornamental staircases, sculptural balls and archways populate her work and open new perspectives in interior architecture. Because her dream aesthetic finds a certain echo in real life. Not content with making the arch triumphant in the world of interiors, the artist, who describes herself as an environmental conceptualist, is trying to bring to life her 3D spaces in installations that she’s creating with her acolyte Oscar Piccollo, with whom she co-founded Dello Studio for prestigious fashion and design brands.


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