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About Bonome

Curious & inventive

Born from the collaboration of two individuals of different sensitivity, Bonome offers a singular vision of the creation through furnitures conceived and made in France, from material we carefully select with our partners.

From these discussions arise the ambition to create a collection of furnitures with a clear identity.

This collection will adapt to fit your desires and these of your clients from a large array of size, colors and wood species.


Building lasting relationship with our partners is essential to assure a perfect flawless result.

Their essential savoir-faire brings technicity and expertise to our furniture. These skills are completed by our shared values that we want to hand over : Love of the material and of a work well done !


Attentive to minimize our environmental impact , our desire is to produce the furniture in France in order to enhance the industries and crafts of our regions.

We attach a lot of importance to the choice of material in local distribution network. We also choose carefully our wood species to suit their specificity and esthetism.

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