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About Almost

Furniture brand created in Bulgaria by Svetoslav Michev, Hristo Stankushev and Stefan Minkoff. Their range of wooden furniture with contemporary lines is particularly remarkable for the care given to each detail and an impeccable quality/price ratio.

Almost furniture was founded in 2014 by Svetoslav Michev, Hristo Stankushev and Stefan Minkoff, founders of architecture and design studio dontDIY. Later on Yulia Petrova and Plamen Shalafov joined the team as operations manager and marketing manager. Almost is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The brand’s designs were awarded by the Ghost Project Exhibition at the Mikser festival in Beograd, 2013. Some of the brand’s products are the First table, the First side table, the 2nd shelf, the Third shelf and the 4th armchair.

Design comes first with us. We are always excited by and truly committed to bold, thoughtful and affordable design. Playful but responsible, our work aims at solving real problems. By challenging rules, we love to challenge ourselves.


How would you summarize your approach to design?
We are always excited by and truly committed to bold, thoughtful and affordable design. We believe that great design has to convey authentic identity while adjusting to the one of its owner. It has to refine everyday life with new or improved functionalities while respectfully preserving routines and habits.


A maxim, a saying to share?
Great design is unexpected but always on point.


Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one? Is it related to a particular meeting or event?
We love combining simple but exciting ideas with the charm and beauty of traditional craftsmanship. We love honest materials that reveal their inner qualities and add unique value to a product.


What type of product do you design?
Our products range from armchairs, dining and side tables to modular shelves.


The object you created that you are most proud of and why?
Our 4th Armchair is both our best-selling product and one of our dearest designs.
We love this product because it embodies our belief that functionality, endurance and aesthetics are aspects of design of equal importance. The combination of the bespoke quality of traditional craftsmanship and the opportunities of present-day technology is what makes the 4th Armchair stand out.

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