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LABEL FAMILLE is a design agency led and run by Camille Zonca and Cyril Quenet. Together they compose tailor-made project teams, picking from Label Famille's network of independent creatives. This new way of organizing work places art and design as added value for its corporate and cultural clients. Whether it be commissioned or auto-commissioned projects, Label Famille conceives collective works that combine graphic design, object design, art, photography, video, and architecture.


A sentence to summarize you in 2/3 words

Design agency in the plural


How would you summarize your approach to design ?

Our approach to design amounts to a few things, a S to design(s). Like one essential letter to understand the plural dimension of this multidisciplinary practice.


What type of product do you design ?

We conceive small or big objects, books, posters, spaces that are long-term or not , works of art and words, but always with several of us.


Why did you choose to publish your products ?

For us, producing Socle, this miniature pedestal, was a way to mix issues related to art and design. To offer an object whose utility can only be defined by its owner.


A maxime, a saying to share ?

« Ce qu’il s’agit d’interroger c’est la brique, le béton, le verre, nos manières à table, nos ustensiles, nos outils, nos emplois du temps, nos rythmes. Interroger ce qui semble avoir cessé à jamais de nous étonner. » Georges Perec, L’infra-ordinaire.


A partucular color ?

Black and white, two colors that are not really colors, but that no one will say they like or not.


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