The subscriber

with Amandine Coquerel

Amandine Coquerel welcomes us to her home and talks to us about her experience as a Designerbox subscriber from the word go, and more generally of her passion for creativity – which led her, with her husband, to rethink the profession of estate agent when founding Maison Archik.

You’ve been a Designerbox subscriber for several years now. What inspired you to subscribe and to remain so faithful to the concept?

I loved the idea of receiving a surprise design piece. I love surprises, beauty... And design always has a use. So I signed up and I adored receiving my first wooden boxes, sober and elegant, that I could reuse for storage. Then obviously I quickly got caught up in it all and it became something to anticipate, like a ritual. What surprise am I going to have this time? It’s the joy of surprises and new things – always a winner.

Amandine's home at Marseille France: Vase tandem, bowl Casual et pen holder Socle
©Billie Blanquet

More generally, where does your interest in design and creativity stem from?

From a taste for the beautiful. From a taste for détail. From a sensitivity for the work of artists. This is not something I had from while growing up. It’s something that has developed over time.

Amandine's home at Marseille France: Mother Nature basket & Spin Candle 
©Elodie Rothan

There’s a link there between your passion for creativity and the way Maison Archik is changing the way estate agency works. Can you elaborate on this?

We wanted to develop and share a certain way of living and of inhabiting cities that are important to us: Marseille, where we live, Toulouse, where I come from, and Paris, where we met and where we lived for a long time. Furniture, architecture, design... These are first and foremost a source of pleasure. Successful projects for us are those where the client feels wonderful at home – it’s not just a pretty renovation, it’s also carefully selected furnishings and wall art. It’s holistic – and that’s the raison d’être of Maison Archik.


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