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Mr. C

Design by 5.5 DESIGN STUDIO

Mister C juicer

Réf : SER103C0100


TPE juicer (Duralex). 

Picardie Collection - Design by 5.5designstudio. 


Description :

Material, color: TPE, Yellow / Dark Grey

Dimensions (cm) : H.17 / D.9,5

Function : Art of living

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Picardie Collection design by 5.5designstudio : Mister C juicer

To celebrate Duralex's 70th anniversary, the 5.5 designstudio designed a set of accessories to dress up the Picardie glass, star of the French school cafeterias. IPC chose to bring this project to life by editing 4 of the 70 objects imagined by the 5.5 designstudio, those which stood the closest to both the spirit of the glass and the one of the designers.

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