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Elisabeth Hertzfeld Design
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About Elisabeth Hertzfeld Design

Function & emotion

Elisabeth Hertzfeld is a French-American designer born in Paris in 1972. She graduates from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris in 1995 in scenography.

She settles in Berlin in 1997 and works as stage designer and museographer for various theaters and museums. She collaborates among others with Bob Wilson, Klaus Michael Grüber and Martin Wuttke.

Back in Paris in 2003, Elisabeth Hertzfeld founds her own company, Remake Design and develops, industrializes and markets internationally an innovative modular lighting system, Remake Light. She designs specific installations for interior architecture, events, merchandising, signage and showcases for various brands, communication agencies and architects.

In 2015, Elisabeth Hertzfeld creates her Studio and proposes her vision of living and working spaces thu the design of objects and furniture. Collaborating with various brands, her approach is guided by the search for natural, rigorous and poetic lines.



What made you want to become a designer ?

I have always tinkered, transformed, assembled, invented. I also liked literature and that's why I started with theater scenography. Then I became interested in contemporary art and installations. Finally, I like the function of things and that their forms have a relationship with it, that's probably what led me naturally to design.


What type of product do you design ?

I have no object or furniture of predilection but I need a starting point that is a kind of necessity. Then each object or furniture has a use and it is this use that is always interesting to question.


What inspires you on a daily basis ?

I am inspired by the desire to find new solutions, new ideas. I am inspired when something does not please me and I think that it must be possible to put something else instead.


Tell us about an everyday object that is close to your heart and why.

It is not strictly speaking an object but I particularly like a head in bas-relief made by my daughter in modeling clay. She stuck it to the wall to hide a hole. This head prevents me from forgetting this hole while making it beautiful!


A maxim, a saying to share ?

My father always said "practice makes perfect". I'm not very sure of this but it encourages me in times of doubt.


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