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About Archive Studio

Archive Studio Amsterdam is a design studio with a focus on high quality durable products that are used on a daily base.

Archive Studio Amsterdam is a design studio with a focus on high quality durable products that are used on a daily base.

After working in Sweden and Spain for over 6 years, for multinational organizations, Lynn and Wouter decide that it is time to build their own brand and apply a different approach.


“We wanted to design our own products taking sustainability, quality and craftsmanship as our main drivers.

The great thing about ceramics is that these drivers can be perfectly combined. Our products are meant to last a lifetime and a dish can be enjoyed more intensely if consumed from a beautiful plate.”

“Start small, grow slowly. That’s our philosophy. We slowly expand our archive of ceramics and make sure that each new item perfectly fits in the existing range.

Our users do not have to rush either. All products remain available on the long run so there is no need to urgently compose an entire set. Instead the users can compose and grow their own collection over time.



What type of product do you design?

We aim to create products with a function that can be used on a daily base.  We believe the world is full of products and the only way to positively contribute by yet more products is to ensure a superior quality and durability. With having the buy less, buy better mentality in mind we focus on products that are really needed in one’s everyday life.


Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one?

For ceramics it is very important to work with high quality clays that do not easily break.

This is why we would only create stoneware products, a type of strong clay that is known for its durability.

Besides a product is also its packaging. When we started to sell our first batch we used a lot of “Styrofoam" to ensure a safe delivery of the product. Although “Styrofoam” is 100% recyclable, we know that most customers would not put effort into bringing it all the way to a garbage sorting point. That’s why we started to search for alternatives. It will take us a bit more time, but soon we expect to be working with “Bio foam”, a 100% degradable type of foam that you can even add to your organic waste.


What inspires you on a daily basis?

It is really important to make the right decisions. We try not to rush, because we know bad decisions will have a consequence. For example, we have recently been in a situation wherein we designed a new product and we wanted to change the design for the fourth time, because we believed it could be done just a bit better. There where serious consequences for the delivery time, yet we decided to change it again. It is more important for us to get our collection right than it is to rush and try to sell as much as fast as possible. A good design will payoff anyhow in the future.


Why did you become independent designers?

Before we have been working for large multinationals. Although it can be great to part of such a community and have the ability to travel and get involved in projects that have a large impact, it is not always the impact you want. We both felt it would be better for us to have our own small business and be able to make our own decisions.


A maxim, a saying to share?

We believe that everyone who has a dream to change something in life and to do things differently should just do it. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. In our situation the worst case scenario is that we won’t make it. That’s no big deal… we would start all over again or we find another job. Life is really too short not to do what you desire.

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