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Mala Leche Design
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About Mala Leche Design

Mala Leche Design is a young brand based in Belgium that offers objects at the crossroads of genres in collaboration with companies
and innovative craftsmen.

Elisabeth Baeza was born in 1977 in Clermont-Ferrand. She graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Saint-Etienne in 2003 with congratulations from the jury. She moved to Paris and worked in 2006 for the design office MGS (Hauts-de-Seine) with whom she became familiar with ephemeral manufacturing techniques.

Since then, Elisabeth has experimented with materials diverted from their uses in order to establish an intimate relationship with her pieces. Between art and design, her work includes intuition, shifting and observing the context. Inspired by coincidence, her approach finds its origins in her close environment, which she deforms with force to reveal what is hidden. For her, intention and action are levers of creation. Oriented towards furniture and objects, Elisabeth strives to humanize her production by using elements linked to childhood memories, recognizable and comforting. It finds solutions specific to it and principles adapted to each part that give them this characteristic aesthetic. Nevertheless, it contests the specific condition related to objects and proposes to suggest scenarios for possible use in its realizations.

Recently settled in Vilvoorde, she created mala leche Design in 2014, which brings together the development studio and the brand as a quality label.


What type of product do you design?

In general, I prefer to speak of "object" rather than "product" because the term product reflects the manufactured side and mass consumption, while mala leche Design objects have the characteristics of the unique piece and the micro series.


What would have been your job if you hadn't been a designer?

I think I would have chosen a career as a PRO in Volley Ball.


Tell us about an everyday object that is close to your heart and why?

Pockets... whether they are made of linen or cotton... because they have an informal and personal side at the same time. They are a precious help in terms of camouflage!


A maxim, a saying to share?

"Better late than never"


Any particular color?

White... but it's not really a color!

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