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WE ARE NEUVONFRISCH – a young company that designs, develops and sells sustainable, high quality furniture. Our philosophy is based on resilient designs, meticulously sourced materials, and sustainable production methods. Our main focus is developing designs that pair timeless aesthetics with lasting solid construction. Carefully chosen materials and excellent manufacturing techniques ensure that our customers will be able to use NEUVONFRISCH products for a long time – of course after unpacking and assembling them.

NEUVONFRISCH is Natascha Harra-Frischkorn and Christian Neumeier. We are good friends and passionate about design. We have combined our experience in designing, developing and selling furniture with our love of quality materials to bring you the objects you see in this collection. 


What type of product do you design?

We're strictly designing furniture. We're focused on sustainability and to choose constructions and materials which are environmentally unproblematic, manufacture locally and avoid plastic and composites. For example we don't even pack our products in plastic.


What inspires you on a daily basis?

Objects with a high durability and clever engineered mechanics.


The starting point of your creations? (the material, the shape, a particular desire?)

As far as possible, we stick strictly to certain desires, with a focus on fine aesthetics.


The object you created that you are most proud of and why?

Every single one of them makes us proud, because customers are really happy to use them.


Self-publishing: a trend? a need? a necessity...?

Hopefully not a trend, more a necessity, to provide diversity in things and of course a great way to punch unaltered ideas right through.


What would have been your job if you had not been a designer?

Lorry driver, teacher, undertaker, you never know, obviously it turned out that being a designer is great fun. For us it's more a passion than a profession.


What is your typical day?

Get up and do the best we can. Whatever we do, developing new ideas, or packing things for shipping, preparing for a fair, or to find perfectly suiting suppliers. We always try to achieve the best quality possible. It's our demand to have equal quality in everything which combines to a piece of furniture in the end.

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