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Apical Studio
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About Apical Studio

French company whose aim is to promote craftsmanship combined with a sober and elegant design.

Apical Studio is a committed French company whose aim is to promote craftsmanship combined with a sober and elegant design. A sensitive design and ethical manufacturing, combined with an attention to detail, make Apical's creations a guarantee of quality. Apical studio works with French materials, selected by them in order to guarantee a contemporary, artisanal and local production.

Design and craftsmanship 

Nicolas quickly knew that he was going to work in furniture. He first turned to a Master's degree in Design to master the product before it was produced. Then, he trained in the basics of cabinet making with a Parisian craftsman. In 2017, he created Apical Studio, a committed workshop at the crossroads of design and craftsmanship. 

Creations with contemporary elegance 

The furniture Nicolas makes is always in compliance with a sensitive design and ethical manufacturing. From his workshop come elegant, contemporary, artisanal and local creations. 

His vision of craftsmanship

"Beyond the pursuit of excellence, craftsmanship makes the most incredible ideas possible."



Meeting with Nicolas, the creator of Apical Studio

Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one?

Wood is a favourite material that I discovered from childhood in my grandfather's workshop. I like to work on this surprising material by combining it with various materials such as metal, leather, etc.

How would you summarize your approach to design?

I like objects that tell a story: a unique texture, a play of light and shadow, a clever assembly... It seems to me essential to study and understand a subject in order to work consciously on it and thus give meaning to the creations.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

My whole environment is inspiring. I observe a lot, I like to understand how things work, to understand the logic that has been put in place and thus to be able to "read" the objects.

Has there been any person, event or other that has had a significant influence on your work / career?

After my master's degree in design, I joined the Synapses Workshops team. They have been mentors to me. Beyond their know-how, it is a vision and a way of doing things that they have passed on to me. They have always told me "the gesture is in the form".

What is your typical day?

I like manual work. A typical day always begins with the workshop and then the round trip with the office and the design is done naturally. At the end of the day, I usually have a coffee and a blank sheet of paper to put the day's ideas on paper.

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