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Studio Tandem
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About Studio Tandem

" Objects designed for your home just out of a French workshop "

We are both designers and passionate about our work. Coming from an artistic background, we have a strong sensitivity for matter and hand work. We met during our design studies in Bordeaux. We have worked together on different projects.

STUDIO TANDEM is the result of long reflection and teamwork.

STUDIO TANDEM represents our way of working: a duo of designers. It is also the association of design and craftsmanship, of the work of the machine and that of the hand of modernity and ancient know-how.


French manufacturing

We are committed to French manufacturing. We highlight the different skills of our heritage by working hand in hand with a network of French craftsmen that we have carefully selected.

All our parts are manufactured in France under good human, social and environmental conditions. Our craftsmen are 90% located in New Aquitaine.

We favour small structures, human contact, proximity for short and quality circuits. Each step of production is important, in order to "do well".

We revalue craftsmanship and handmade products through our eyes as designers. We want to maintain the know-how of our heritage while returning to simple, raw elements, manufactured in a fair time. We create a link between design and craftsmanship through small series production.


Craftsmanship and beautiful imperfection

We create everyday objects, decoration and furniture. Our objects tell a story thanks to the hand of Man and his beautiful imperfections. We highlight craftsmanship and its imperfections, thanks to durable, complex and noble materials: wood, ceramics, paper, textiles, leather, glass, metal.

Our objects are created with poetry and emotion, have added value, we work on details: function, shape, materials, textures, colours

Through our approach, we anchor in the present these handmade objects in a traditional way. We work hand in hand with our team of craftsmen.


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