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Extra Terrasse
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About Extra Terrasse

Street furniture & equipment for terraces, decking & railings

Félix Miquel is a young Parisian designer and entrepreneur.

He first discovered carpentry through the ADN+ association, and produced a range of street furniture in recycled wood, which he later developed in steel. Curious, he is constantly looking for solutions to make the city more practical, ecological and accessible. After studying at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Versailles, he joined the Urban School at Sciences Po. Alongside his studies, he created and designed tables and ashtrays that attach directly to street posts.

He launched the startup Extra Terrasse in the summer of 2020, just after the first confinement. Numerous restaurateurs put their trust in him and set up his tables in the streets to extend their terraces. His aim is to rethink public space for the common good.

After launching a range of street furniture with a French manufacturer based in the Loire region, he is now marketing items for the home, particularly for balconies. Fully aware of the shortage of space in the city, Félix never stops experimenting in order to propose objects that meet the needs of urban dwellers. So he developed the Balconie, a unique balcony table that attaches to all window railings.

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