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Ryny Design
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About Ryny Design

Modern, local and environmentally responsible

RyNy-Design is first and foremost two long-time friends united around many common passions including the desire to create and share their creations. Maxime studied industrial design, obtained his baccalaureate and then went on to a master's degree in architecture. As for Valère, he first completed a master's degree in physical education before realising that he was more interested in entrepreneurship. This is why he then did a complementary master's degree at HEC Liège. It is with these two very different backgrounds but their common passions for creation and the entrepreneurial adventure that they took up the challenge in 2021 to launch RyNy-Design. 

Their values are solid and they have many ideas and projects to come. However, their style is becoming more refined with time and their new creations. Their dream is to develop RyNy-Design and to be able to share their creations across Europe.

Local and responsible are their guidelines. Just like you, they are attached to their roots and their wish to keep the local business alive, they remain inspired by travel and all the beauty our world has to offer. They want to help you feel at home by creating a soothing atmosphere.

All their creations are thought and designed in their workshop at home in Belgium.

Maxime and Valère are particularly fond of working with poplar wood, a wood found in our northern European regions that has many interesting environmental properties. Poplar is a fast-growing wood that requires little treatment. Its growth rate makes it a good CO2 absorber. In addition, poplar is grown mainly on land that is not suitable for agriculture, making it a good ecological and economic option. In addition, poplar is particularly well suited to laser cutting, which is their preferred manufacturing technique because of the infinite possibilities it offers and its very high cutting precision.

To support their commitment to the environment, they have joined forces with Graine de vie, a Belgian NGO dedicated to the protection and reforestation. By purchasing a RyNy-Design creation, you support the fight against environmental degradation as they commit to donate a part of their annual profits to the NGO Graine de vie.

If they had to choose one of their creations that represents them, they would tell you the "IMpossible". Indeed, this creation represents well their philosophy: remove 2 letters and the impossible becomes possible.

"Those who don't believe in the impossible are asked not to discourage those who are doing it!"

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