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Sud Waste
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About Sud Waste

Behind Sud Waste is Jérémy Niquet. Self-taught and at the crossroads of different practices, he founded his company in 2019 in Corbeil-Essonnes. A graphic designer and space designer by training, Jérémy naturally turned to wood to be in contact with the material. In his workshop, he shapes wood in a very spontaneous way. Accompanied by a CNC and a wood lathe, he mixes the digital and the hand, contemporary tools and traditional methods. This dialogue becomes the essence of his work.

Through Sud Waste, Jérémy questions contemporary design through craftsmanship by associating geometric shapes with organic elements. Two types of objects emerge from his studio. The "Series" are timeless pieces made from recycled wood in small batches in oak, while the "Landscapes" reveal unique pieces where he experiments with textures. This process takes an important place in his work, allowing him to reveal the material.

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