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Géraldine Brunet Design
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About Géraldine Brunet Design


Characterised by a unique and minimalist graphic style, Géraldine Brunet is very passionate.

Drawing has followed her since childhood, an indispensable means of expression that has allowed her to make it her profession.

A universe of her own that opens the doors to her world.


The association of isolated graphic elements requires rigorous compositional work.

She constructs and deconstructs her drawings to make them minimalist works. This is how she polishes her images to arrive at an elegant composition, conveying a relevant message. She strives for an efficient composition with extremely simplified pure lines to translate the complexity of the world through a unique graphic style.



After fascinating studies in design at the Ecole Boulle, which confirmed her creativity, Géraldine embarked on her professional life as an art director.

She finds inspiration everywhere around her. Inspiration also comes from her education as well as from her artistic education which taught her to apprehend the beauty of the world around her with an attentive, critical and constructive eye. Her sketchbook accompanies her daily to capture every inspiring moment. Whether they come from exhibitions, magazines, posters or stolen moments, his drawings are always combined in the form of graphic totems. Today, drawing is an integral part of her life and it is in this discipline that she can fully develop her creativity.

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