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About WYE Design

sustainnovative furniture & accessories

Eco Label

Our mission is to completely rethink sustainability in the furniture industry - by bringing together recyclable materials, functionality & timeless design.
We really do take responsibility, because for us thoughtful design and sustainability are inseparable. We turn our old furniture into new collections and initiate a resource-saving product cycle.
With the conscious decision to use our wood-based material Neolign® in furniture design, we have the great opportunity to bring the joy of design & innovative eco-concepts into people's most intimate spaces.
When developing our products, we pay attention to longevity through high quality, timeless design and ease of repair of the furniture. Since Neolign remains valuable to us even after its useful life, we take back your products and add the material back into the manufacturing process for new collections. In this way, we create a unique cycle in the furniture sector and can use our wood-based material for several decades.

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