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Embassy interiors
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About Embassy interiors

A historical savoir-faire for a timeless design.

Embassy Interiors was created by Katarzyna and Nicholas, Polish architect and English antique dealer. One fascinated with the purity of modernist thinking and the other in the emotions of history. Embassy is a marriage of these two worlds, modern and vintage. The modernist philosophy of design is clearly visible in the aesthetics of Embassy. A choice of balance and integrity, an alignment with timeless classicism over the eternal chase for the latest trends. The cornerstone of Embassy is the famous Polish glass, a craft that dates back centuries. Every shade is a unique piece of mouth blown glassmaking. This original technique gives a patina and depth unmatched by modern glassmaking production lines. Solid brass is used on most of the lamps. It has durability, integrity and depth of colour that highlights and compliments the subtle ascetics of handblown glass. The combination of modern geometry, traditional production methods and the simplicity of the finest raw materials has become a trademark of the Embassy brand. "We are convinced that light exerts a magical influence on our mood and we would like to capture this magic in all the lamps created by Embassy Interiors"

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