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About Ammó

An inspired design, natural materials and 100% hand-made french manufacturing. 

The Ammó design and manufacturing studio advocates an inspired design with soft and enthusiastic consonants. Self-taught craftsmen and jack-of-all-trades, the duo brings together Romain Pierrot and Justine Fournier to work together: they design and produce their own objects and furniture. 

Dreamers at heart, the Ammó studio looks for poetry in everyday life and focuses on the thoughts and impressions conveyed by the shapes and objects that surround us. Their mantra: "beautiful inspirations for beautiful projects". A mix of two complementary universes, the designers propose objects inspired by mythology, nature or art history, with a recurring basis of an ocean breeze where sand dunes coexist with the world of shapers. 

Studio Ammó considers each object to be significant and a vector of feelings. They therefore place great importance on using materials that are meaningful, responsible, authentic and handcrafted, with 100% French manufacture.

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