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KVP - Textile Design
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About KVP - Textile Design

The dynamic touch that brings relief and creativity to your interior.

KVP - Textile Design is above all a love story, a constant vibration for patterns and their power; it's a fascination for the final touch and the sense of well-being that textiles bring to an interior.

Launched in 2012 by Kim Vande Pitte, Belgian textile designer based in Brussels, the brand combines creation of patterns and collections of upholstery fabrics, home linens and decorative objects. Originality and authenticity speake to you and your home with her anchored graphic universe and balanced arrangements.

KVP focus on global creation: from graphic design to management of final production, while focusing on exclusively European production in close collaboration with subcontractors, backed by their know-how and expertise. All share respect for values such as fair work and attention to the human dimension in the creative process, high quality of materials ensuring the durability of each piece, as well as an approach favorable to slow design and small-scale production.

Besides the collections, Kim develops functional, modular and bespoke solutions for her customers with personalized and exclusive designs (adaptability of colors, materials, scales, patterns, applications) in order to accurately match their identity, enhance their interior and make it captivating.


CONCRETE LANDSCAPE Collection is inspired by the Brutalist architectural movement. KVP - Textile Design always had a fascination for the uncompromising minimalism of these buildings, oppressive in both their massive and rigorous sculptural forms. Their thrilling graphic aesthetic, pure and honest, without any superfluous item nor artifice. A raw beauty.

What made you want to become a designer?

I come from an independent craftsmen’s family, creative and passionate entrepreneurs.

My father is a cabinetmaker and my mother is an upholsterer, furnishing and decoration have always been an integral part of my life.

Since childhood my desires and motivations have been punctuated by a constant need to create, to invent, to develop and materialize my ideas (I created beds for my Barbies with wood and Designers Quild’s scrap fabric); I was very interested in the creative process and being able to be part of it from A to Z.

Do you have a preferred material?

After my studies in graphic design and textile design, textiles revealed to be the best way to translate my aspirations because of their infinite possibilities and combinations. Textiles evoke emotions and represent the final touch in an interior, they allow me to bring my patterns to life.

How would you summarize your approach to design?

For me decoration is a matter of balance and precision with a touch of dynamism, it must be a source of well-being, be functional while reflecting quality.

That's why I prefer to work with natural materials, functional and modular solutions and I like to integrate originality and exclusivity in the products I propose.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

The lines. Whether in architecture, in nature, in textures, they appear to me as visual flashes that I instinctively assemble into patterns. I have always been sensitive to graphic and vibrant universes that constantly capture my eyes. In my opinion it is what the pattern must perform: to live while spreading on surfaces, on objects, to dynamize the space or to homogenize it, to make you vibrate and move those who look at them.

They hold a powerful role: they mark an identity by revealing our personality, our aspirations; they represent what we love, what makes us feel good, who we are and how we want to be perceived by others.

They revive and dress an interior, bring comfort and thrill the spirit of those who look at them.

A particular color?

Few pastel colors, what inspires me are Klein blue, black, white, bold and strong colors.

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