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About Band&roll

Designers. Creative minds. Family.

Founded in Berlin in 2012, Band&Roll is a family business born from Roman Kraft & Alona Grebenyuk's shared passion for crafts and natural materials. As a couple at home and at work, they design and manufacture two of the accessories made of 100% leather and vegetable wool from European craft factories. From wallets and pen holders to a line of pet accessories, we love natural colours, simple shapes and quality details.

In band&roll three of our passions have merged - love for each other, interest in design, and eternal desire to work with own hands.

Thanks to the casual encounter, we found each other, became a family, created a job we relish, and which we want to do our whole life. We put our love, strength, and dreams in it. All of this has inspired us to create that first pouch rough edge, from which the story of band&roll began.


Long way of seeking.
Creating the first case for ourselves, we took the process seriously. It was hard to find honest family-run artisans of full grain leather, and natural wool felt and even tougher to master the skill of leather craft. Not once we had to remake the case to understand the secret of an ideally round shape and incredibly comfortable fit. 

The result surpassed all our expectations. This process seized us so much; we simply could not stop.

What is done in love is done well.
When we started to make phone cases in our bedroom and offer them on Etsy in 2012, we have never imagined this little venture can grow into something more. A lot of interesting things are still ahead because we have so many ideas to perform in future. We dedicate ourselves to band&roll and love what we do. It floods us with inspiration and enthusiasm.

The only thing to accomplish remains to build a house on the outskirts of the forest with a path to the lake and a studio workshop where we will all work together day by day, experiencing tremendous pleasure from this. To gather our team of creative people and a flock of furry beasts who would also burn and love this business, how we love it. That is our big dream, which slowly comes to life.

Miracles happen every day.
In a busy world full of faceless products, most of which are manufactured in large factories where a single product is assembled by several workers performing specified instructions… band&roll is the world in which two enthusiasts and nerds unite to hone their skills to perfection; products are crafted to last lifetime, and sustainable materials are sourced from small European family-run businesses with processing techniques inherited for generations. It is the world where people barter their skills without exploiting others for their work. Ours is the life of traditional craftsmanship - and this is the world we value.


Too many people today know the price of everything but not the value.
Since each step of product development goes through our hands, we can offer a fair price for the quality of comparable premium and even luxury brands. All band&roll goods make an excellent gift and save your hard-earned cash. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your journey, rather than stressing about it.


Buy less but better, for a good cause.
We want you to be aware that with every product you buy from us, you shoulder a family-run business, create better living conditions for our furry friends around the globe (5% charity from each order to animal shelters worldwide) and give us the chance to survive. Your help makes our hearts beat and fills them with happiness and inspiration.

The life so short, the craft so long to learn.
It all begins with a blank sheet of paper, grows over the first sketches to the final draft and evolves into the beautiful composition of small details, the prototype. We take hard on it not to overload our goods with details. That’s why we scrupulously use them first, piece by piece picking out any flaws and eliminating excesses until we achieve simple, yet elegant design we are proud of to wear ourselves.

It is quality rather than quantity that matters.
We believe in traditional craftsmanship and work exclusively with genuinely selected natural materials. We source full grain vegetable tanned leather as well as quality metal hardware in Italy, pure wool felt in Germany.

Good things take time.
Making goods is a process of love, although very time-consuming. After all, each element is cut, pasted and sewn just with the help of a single sewing, edge cutting, and stamp machine. We feel great while adding all the pieces together to something special, not only for us. That is why each of our goods is unique and exceptional. Just like the person who wears it.

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