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Un’common, the natural beauty of Marble

Founded by Gosia and Maciek at Łódź in Poland, Un'common is a young brand specialized in marble furniture. Handcrafted using traditional methods that highlight the timeless beauty of marble, their Pattern collection, the most characteristic, is a contemporary reference to the Art Deco aesthetic.

Although we use cutting edge technology in the design stage, our products are hand made applying traditional methods which enhance the timeless beauty hidden in marble. We believe in Charles Eame’s motto pursuing "the uncommon beauty of common things”.

When we look at marble, we see at least 2 stories – the one created by man, who extracted and processed the stone, making it functional; and the other one - completely unknown, which for hundreds or thousands of years has led to the creation of this extraordinary one. Marble is a beautiful, noble and diverse material. It is easy to work with and has a long and beautiful storyline in its structure. It is worth getting to know her with Un’common.
Our most characteristic Pattern collection which is a contemporary reference to Art Deco esthetics. What makes these products so unique are precise geometrical patterns which we create by connecting di erent kind of marble.

Our latest Form collection is all about rounded corners and lifted marble tops. In this collection every detail matters.

Currenty we are working on brand new TERRAZZO collection!

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