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Little Anana
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About Little Anana

Modular shelves in birch wood made in France

Little Anana is a brand of wooden wall decoration objects for the home for adults and children specializing in the design of Pegboards.

Created in 2017 by Astrid and Ivan, lovers of the southwest and handmade objects. They both find themselves in the love of wood, and decide to create Little Anana together in their image, mixing their 2 personalities. The duo chose to set up their workshop in a small house in the heart of the Basque Country in Bidart with their 2 cats. Their creations reflect their Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle with a constant influence of their environment, the land & sea.


Do you have a preferred material? If so, which one? Is it related to a particular meeting or event?

Our preferred material is of course wood and its many species.


What type of product do you design?

We like decorative but useful products, that's why we started producing pegboards (modular shelves)


How would you summarize your approach to design?

Simple, beautiful and well produced


The starting point of your creations? (the material, the shape, a particular desire?)

The idea for our brand came from Astrid, she absolutely wanted to find a pineapple pegboard and she quickly realized that it didn't exist, the idea started to sprout in her head and a year later we launched Little Anana.


Why did you choose to publish your products?

Because we think they are super practical and can be used by everyone, adults as well as children and in every room of the house.


The object you created that you are most proud of and why?

The very first pegboard, it was made of OSB and it was pineapple shaped. We were starting to see the project come to life and it made us very proud.

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