Beauregard Studio

This motto perfectly embodies Beauregard with its ranges giving a very contemporary twist to the classics of the French decorative arts. Created by Aurelia Paoli in 2012, the Beauregard studio has poured its talent into interior architecture though its highly decorative and delicate surfaces and modules. After contributing to bringing cement tiles back into fashion through various collections, including the remarkable Nemours range inspired by French formal gardens, the Beauregard studio is rapidly rolling out its knowledge and skills to other media and stepping up its creative collaborations.



Collection GRAND ANTIQUE Mathias Kiss x Beauregard Studio - ©Nathalie Weiss


Always on the look-out for unique designers with a strong graphic identity, Beauregard has partnered with Pascale Nivet-Bernetière (founder of the Celeste Mogador brand) to offer the stunning Curiosité collection of cement tiles, and with Coco Brun (Forget Me Not) on the highly graphic Affinités Project collection. More recently, artist Mathias Kiss has put his name to a collection of very arty wallpaper, Grand Antique, now also available as patterned glass stickers – one of Beauregard’s latest innovations.



Collection CURIOSITÉ Céleste Mogador x Beauregard Studio - ©Céleste Mogador




Collection AFFINITÉES Forget Me Not x Studio Beauregard


Through products firmly anchored in French craftsmanship and heritage, every Studio Beauregard collection contributes to the building of a bridge between architecture and interiors, the decorative arts and contemporary art. And we at Designerbox love the idea of creating rugs and china worthy of the greatest design legacies.’



Mathias Kiss Collection GRAND ANTIQUE - ©Nathalie Weiss


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