Cutting board & tea towel by Aurélia Paoli


Nemours, a ‘very French’ chopping board by Aurelia Paoli An outstanding graphic designer with a strong focus on heritage and artisan skills, Aurelia Paoli drew inspiration from French formal gardens in creating her geometric patterns for contemporary interiors. Avoiding both neo-classicism and facile references, she took the design principles from gardens such as Versailles and Vaux-le-Vicomte and reworked them into her graphic landscapes. Conceived for Paoli’s range of concrete tiles for the Beauregard studio, the Nemours motif has now been used by its designer in a chopping board created exclusively for Designerbox – one that is as decorative as it is practical. But with use and not just aesthetics in mind, Paoli made the grooves – needed to catch the liquids generated by chopping – into the pattern. Carved into the wooden block itself, the motif becomes an integral part of the object and brings to it a poetic touch that’s very French.


Recommendation :

  • BEFORE USING: The NEMOURS chopping board is made from solid beech. Oil it before first use to prevent stains. Use either a neutral plant oil (flaxseed oil from your local store) or a synthetic foodgrade oil like those used for kitchen work surfaces. Leave it to dry before using.

  • AFTER USING: As with all chopping boards made of natural wood, DO NOT PLACE NEMOURS IN THE DISHWASHER. And do not immerse it in water – after use, rinse it, with or without washingup liquid, using a brush or the scourer side of a sponge to clean out the impurities stuck in the grooves. Rinse again, wipe with a cloth and leave to dry.

  • UPKEEP The board doesn’t require any special treatment, but you can, if it’s seen a lot of use, give it a quick rub with fine sandpaper and oil it again



Nemours, the cook’s tea towel Designerbox couldn’t resist asking Aurelia Paoli to create one of a cook’s essential accessories, a tea towel, as a complement to the Nemours chopping board.Made of thick cotton and screenprinted with its NEMOURS motif by hand, it can withstand the rigours of daily use and look as good as new after a spin in the washing machine.

  • Tip: The pattern isn’t woven but printed, so if you’re in the habit of ironing your tea towels, do the back so that you preserve the Nemours motif.


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