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with Helena Ichbiah

The creator of Designerbox’s visual identity and the template for its Iconic magazine, Helena Ichbiah, head of Ich&Kar agency, is a bit of a good fairy to to us. Instead of a magic wand, Helena puts her graphic talents and creative chutzpah to great use in pimping the launch of each box. This slightly different edition is a good opportunity to learn more about this exceptional graphic designer!

You’ve worked with Designerbox for more than seven years. What have your brought away from the experience so far?

I’m proud to be part of this rare democratic adventure to make design accessible – with the added bonus of surprises for the subscribers! It was a gamble – but one that has paid off over the years thanks to its collection of high-quality, unique pieces that allow anyone access to the world of design in a lovely and fun way! You create the covers for each magazine...

Cover of the Box PicNic, Slow Life and New life @work by Ich&Kar

How do you generally go about it?

Each magazine is linked to the object in the box and more widely to a theme one can associate it with, to take things to another level. Hence, in the studio we work by association of ideas, taking the time to approach the object in a global way so as not to make the magazine mere advertising for the product. For the cover pages, we offer word play in English or French to do with the theme: instinctive, largely off- the-cuff mental gymnastics – fun, because Designerbox always gives us carte blanche! As the issues mount up, they form a sort of visually cohesive collection when you see them all lined up together...

Cover of the box Supermoon & 4th cover of the box Oversize It 

In the world of design, which you know well, what makes Designerbox stand out, in your opinion?

They clear the land, they source talents... Where most design houses focus on their five star designers, Designerbox uses a multitude of creatives, some well known, others less so – systematically renewing its network. This is brilliant because it opens new perspectives and establishes fresh creative terrain.


Sketch at home - Identité visuelle de Sketch London réalisée par Ich&Kar 



Discover the box "Slow Life" by Designerbox


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