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A daring portable double ramequin designed by Studio 5•5, PICARDIE is ideal for both indoor aperitifs and alfresco picnics.



An icon of French design, with a cult status that culminated in it being seen in the hands of none other than Daniel Craig’s 007, the PICARDIE has been celebrated using the talents of Studio 5•5 – nostalgics when it comes to French designer cool and re-inventors of classic objects.

Part of a collection of 70 accessories designed by 5•5 for the 70th birthday of the PICARDIE glass and offered for the first time by DesignerBox in partnership with Duralex (box 38), the PICARDIE ramekin is practical and indestructible.



With its two vessels, your options are endless. Put pistachios in one and their shells in the other, or when you’re in the mood for crudités, use one for carrot sticks and the other for cucumber. For a gourmet aperitif, place breadsticks in one and home-made houmous in the other.



But don’t be surprised to see your children re-purpose your favourite accessory into a painting kit. Don’t worry – this double vessel can be separated and washed!


Découvrez la box "Picnic" by Bina Baitel

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