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Called ELO in a phonetic homage to its convivial and unifying character, the nomadic lamp, the main object in the PICNIC box, is first and foremost the story of an encounter.


Creativity for everyone and for every place…

Home improvement and gardening retailer Leroy Merlin’s creative, inspirational label, Du Côté de Chez Vous has been on a mission to support creativity in its widest sense for several years now.

Keen to benefit from a formidable but hitherto untapped creative potential, Du Côté de Chez Vous aims to echo the creative ideas of the greatest number of people. All through the year, the label focuses on inspiring its communities through design and creativity. Wishing to dig down even further into creativity, Du Côté de Chez Vous has also for several years now organised calls for projects and springboards in order to support and help emerge young talents and new ideas likely to contribute to the reinvention of the living spaces of the future.



In 2019, the label launched a first call for candidates from its community to come up with a capsule collection of homewares to be sold Leroy Martin. The winner, the young textile designer Lucille Boitelle, noted for both the delicacy of her designs and the fresh poeticism of her ideas, created in partnership wtih Du Côté de Chez Vous a selection of highly desirable homewares available for a limited time-frame.



Chosen for the great clarity of her design as much as for her taste for the hi-tech and for lighting, designer Bina Baitel conceived the ELO lamp as an accessible object – in doing so confirming herself as a baton-passer for shared progressive values.

It’s often said that design must first and foremost respond to a function or a consumer need by adding an emotional value. But we often forget that it’s also, at the beginning, the history of an an encounter, of listening and of a shared desire. The ELO lamp and the stages that preceded its conception are the perfect example of this, and DesignerBox is delighted to offer this flagship Du Coté de Chez Vous object.



Signature design

Affirming its role at the heart of the Leroy Merlin brand, this time in an intermediary rather than an inspirational role, Du Coté de Chez Vous has partnered with DesignerBox in the desire to respond to consumers’ expectations at an accessible price. This ‘democratic, iconic’ piece was rooted first in the needs of consumers such as those identified by Giuseppe Sacchetti, Lighting Product Manager at Leroy Merlin. It was all about offering a nomadic, tactile light fulfilling the market’s highest standards in terms of both design and light efficiency, all at less than €50.


Discover the "Picnic" box by Bina Baitel

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