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A director of the Product and Branding pod of Technicolor, owner of the Thomson brand, Bruno Esteve has his heart set on keeping alive the Thomson heritage, especially the desire that the brand has always had to make itself the standard- bearer of domestic, accessible and eminently human technology. He explains to us how Thomson at Home’s home automation solution, as incarnated by LLUMM!, is part of this strategy deeply embedded in the group’s DNA.

Traditionally weighty and complicated to install and use, connected objects have made huge progress of late. Thanks to advances in materials, THOMSON AT HOME, a French app developed by the Tours firm AVIDSEN, is a hugely practical way of placing technology within reach of all and hence to allow the greatest number of people to manage a whole series of objects connected to the home, some of them made in France.



‘The products in the range connect directly and automatically to the home’s WIFI network via the AT HOME app. They don’t require, in order to be controlled, the installation of a home-automation boxie, an extra box at the house... This is easier and more cost-effective.’ Once set up and linked to the Thomson at Home eco-system, the given product, which can be an electric socket, a CCTV camera, a thermostat system, LED bulbs and even LLumm! itself, can be controlled by means of a simple app on one’s smartphone or tablet (Android or IOS), or even with your voice thanks to virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. ‘The app allows once to change the setting (such as the strength or colour of the lighting), to control one’s products from a distance, for instance opening a gate or starting one’s CCTC camera if one forgot to do it when one left) and to manage one’s energy consumption (radiators, boiler...), and the voice commands make certain direct instructions – such as turn on the lights, close the shutters, increase a room’s temperature – easier.’


If its aim is to simplify life, make one’s home safe by having control over it from a distance, or even to improve one’s comfort levels and save energy, the THOMSON AT HOME app prides itself, with LLumm!, on clearly illuminating daily life! Though it can be used as a simple light and appeals mainly because of its simple, elegant design, once it’s plugged in, LLumm! offers infinite possibilities when it comes to interior design. As Bruno Esteve explains: ‘One can, for example, choose the type or even the hue of the light that the lamp gives out – warm white, cool white, or other colours. Similarly one can even define the colour or intensity of the light in order to match it to the room’s atmosphere to a T.’


A reference point within an given interior, LLumm! is not just appealing to the eye but offers multiple functions because it can be controlled from a distance or at specific times. Thanks to the AT HOME app and its regular updates, LLumm!’s potential uses will continue to grow. They include a Wake function/dawn simulator, a Sleep/dusk simulator, and pre-settings such as Meditation, Energy, Reflection, Reading...


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