Farrow & Ball : iconic colours inside !

Renowned for its famous colour palette and unrivalled expertise in creating paints and wallpapers of outstanding quality, Farrow & Ball can be found gracing the walls of the world’s hippest interiors.

Today, the company is a household name but still preserves the spirit and rigour of its early days. We look back on a colourful success story in 3 key figures!


• 1946 : the year when John Farrow and Richard Ball, both workers at the local clay pit, decided to join forces and open their own factory. This year, the brand is celebrating its seventieth anniversary with the launch of a wallpaper collection inspired by the 1940s, the decade it was founded.

• 132 : the number of colours in the Farrow & Ball palette, which has been dictated by a very clear “editorial line” over the years. The colour chart is updated every two or three years and some shades are archived to make way for new ones. In this way, the Farrow & Ball palette is constantly evolving, while at the same time preserving a coherence that is captivating in its modernity.

• BH21 : the postcode in Dorset, the county in south-west England that has been home to the Farrow & Ball factory from the very beginning and has provided endless – though not exclusive – inspiration for the brand. Many of the colours take their name from areas and monuments in the region (e.g. “Purbeck Stone” and “Stiffkey Blue”), while others, such as “Nancy’s Blushes” and “Charlotte’s Locks”, are named after friends of Farrow & Ball. Some of the names are even inspired by a quintessentially British sense of humour (“Elephant’s Breath”)!

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