The (good) life at my desk

We stick to it at the beginning of the school year not always willingly, to recover intellectually after weeks of carelessness … Useful furniture for the good of meninges and administrative chores companion, the desk should be designed to give us heart to the book … This is what some inspired creatives have well integrated in recent years.She is a precursor woman in the 1950s, who changed the traditional and sober « daddy office ». Greta Grossman, a Swedish exiled designer in California, draws a bold piece that plays asymmetry, mix and match materials, contrast colors and volumes. She then claimed to be 10 years ahead of her time and named her illustrious piece the ’62’ office. Visionary but modest, she could not imagine that the furniture would be republished by Gubi in the years 2000! …


2 bureaux


More recently, our designers have given their optimistic, even humorous vision of precious furniture: Piergil Fourquié author of la DesignerBox #23 , imagine ‘Big boss’ in 2011.

Its lacquered metal skirt and its leather interior makes the effect of a sports coupe, providential to overcome the paperwork at high speed V and in all elegance!Gesa Hansen, creator of la Designer box #28 , designs and publishes under the label The Hansen Family a solid oak desk that gives a colorful look with its pop compartments as practical as they are enjoyable! …Before you sit down to the next vacation, be sure to accessorize your favorite work space with nice desk accessories that will make it even cozier! …

Notably :

  • For a chic and colorful touch: PROCESS de Pauline Deltour in red anodized aluminum and gold,
  • For an arty and minimal touch: SPUTNIK, le porte-crayon en marbre du designer Nathan Yong
  • For a graphic touch and practical: TACTILE du designer Christian Haas and its 2 magnetic grilles


accessoire de bureau Process design by Pauline Deltour

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