Marianne Guedin

The magician - creator of the DesignerBox #6

The daughter of a doctor in the countryside, who was hooked on illusionism, Marianne has early mastered the art of close-up. She left her native Burgundy in the wake of bohemian acrobats’ caravan.She has entertained, ever since her childhood, a strong link with nature, freedom as well as a penchant for joyous eccentricity.Graduate of the « École Nationale de Arts décoratifs », she started her career as a designer in 1998, working first for others – Christian Tortu, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Nelly Rody- then as an editor, shaping her own circle of designers to make glass composition and inhabited fragrances. Today, she regains her independence, to create free-flowing, hyper-feminine and astounding forms that exploit to the full the properties of the material used.

Marianne has always been fond of nature and glass: a raw material that is both hard and brittle, whose transparency and shininess never stops to amaze her. Free, a touch-all, a perfectionist and a passionate woman, Marianne forages from one project to another, pollinating the creative universe in which she aims to live a beautiful life : hers truly !For designerbox, she imagines the decanter Tree for 2, an enchanted object, intriguing, that inspires complicity and joyous conviviality.Marianne Guedin is the creator of Tree for 2 designerbox#6. Here are some key worlds related to her very own universe.

Inspiration ?

I love the idea of a bottle, launched into the sea, that would carry a secret message. And, as a child, I was fascinated by those orchards of glass bottles dangling from branches of fruit trees in order to keep the fruits prisoners up to their coming of age, to produce later flavor rich brandies. These two imaginative fields fed my inspiration for designerbox#6

Glass ?

I came across glass during my studies at the Arts Déco. It is a surprising yet tame material; and surprising too, between the many fold wonders of the effects it procures and its brittleness, like a precious stone.


glass object Paresse design by Marianne Guedin


Flower ?

When I arrived in Paris coming from my native Burgundy, I had to find a part-time job during my studies. My first position was in a florist shop located in Barbès, a popular area of Paris, then followed another experience at a very renowned Parisian florist. This love for vegetal has never left me since.

"I am more attached to craftsmanship than to industrial process."


glass carafe Tree for 2 design by Marianne Guedin

Party ?

I don’t need that much sleep and I love to dance. Paris By night is another town altogether, people then met are different….I love this aloofness from everyday life and the joyous moments it deals me. This may also be the reason why I came up with this decanter, so very pretty when filled with a bubbling liquid…whether water or champagne…

Design ?

I « made it » to Paris, as the consecrated saying goes, to become a sculptor. The more I moved forward, the more I was attracted to scenography, and naturally, this attraction morphed into furniture objects etc.Objects are either pleasing or not, there is no need to sift them through our intellects.

Design ? Decorative Arts ?

There is a very thin line between the two. In a way, I am more attached to craftsmanship than to industrial process. What I love is to dig into knowledge, to capture the material’s essence and reveal it for all to see.

Dream ?

My greatest pleasure is to go at some friend’s friend’s place and to stumble upon one of my creation. I really look forward to enjoying this experience with designerbox. In any case, I am lucky to live a life I love. My only concern is that I would like to have more time for travels…this will resolves itself soon.

glass object Toupie Acqua design by Marianne Guedin


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