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A bunch of Tiny toys in plastic sprawling across your living room, the chocolate filled snacks marring your sofa, the cantankerous games of tag-you’re-it threatening your favorite curios : the fact is your little darlings pose a clear and present danger to your stylish interior.

Don’t jump to a mighty scolding : have a look furst inside their toys chest. It may well becomes your favorite trinket dealer.


–       As seen on the design files : an Australian architect interior that bring forth a desire to shamelessly regress into infancy. On the bookshelves, among the documents, robots, cars and even an acrobatic panda can be found, triggering the wont to play a design remake of the movie Toy Story.


–       Are the super-heros and cartoon characters figurines amassed over -too- many birthday parties eating your space? Recycle them in a glass dome in the manner of Lucas Mongiello’s toys collages but remember to set the piece out-of-reach from under 1m10’s hands…


– Batman, Spiderman, Cinderella or the Smurfette: one day your children will be fed up with disguising afer school. Cool, you’ll finally get your hands on the many masks collected across the years and start up a carnival on your entrance wall: a nice recycling idea with diverted toys swiped from a happy mom: Discover here.


Discover “les Ducs“, designerbox’ Iconic serie new edition.


La boîte à surprise de designerbox démocratise le design