A bright, minimalist and so green interior!


Blogger and interior designer from Italy, Ilaria Fatone has subscribed to Designerbox at the early beginning! Today, she opens the doors of her pretty house, full of boxes and vegetation.


We can’t resist to ask her few questions in order to discover the secret of her lovely “home sweet home”.

Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

“I’m Italian but based in France for so many years now. Design surrounded myself since I am a child. After a college education specialized in art history, and a long career in the market of art, I decided to give a chance to my « secret » passion. A move in French’s Provence, a blog, several formations, experimentation… and here I am, starting a whole new life as an interior designer. Doing what you love is the best way to be happier at work!”


If you were..?


A colour? Any shades of green.

A texture/A material? Wood for its infinite tone possibilities.

A trend? Minimalist, the need to refine and focus on what really matters, even in decoration.

An object? A chair, I could have tons of them, all very different from each other.

A city? It’s impossible to choose only one. In my ideal city, vegetation goes all the way up to the balconies; design is everywhere, even in the small stalls; the sun is always shining and every street are flood with the light…If you find it, tell me!

A place? Italy, I suppose that I do not need to explain it 😉

A plant? A succulent, highly resistant, chubby and really easy going.

A Designerbox? The designebrox#13 :  a porcelain pot by Piero Lissoni, I love its round shapes and its softly touch.


To follow her work, do not hesitate to consult her blog : “bellissimo”!

Designerbox by Aldo Bakker : #3

Designerbox by Piero Lissoni : #13

Designerbox by Piergil Fourquié : Nippy-S


La boîte à surprise de designerbox démocratise le design