Concrete scented candle - Beige - Honey - Concrete - Design : AKARA.
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Concrete scented candle - Beige - Honey - Concrete - Design : AKARA. 3 Concrete scented candle - Beige - Honey - Concrete - Design : AKARA. 6 Concrete scented candle - Beige - Honey - Concrete - Design : AKARA. 2 Concrete scented candle - Beige - Honey - Concrete - Design : AKARA. 4 Concrete scented candle - Beige - Honey - Concrete - Design : AKARA. 5

Concrete scented candle - Beige - Honey

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Sold and shipped by AKARA.

A scented candle in concrete, minimalist and responsible

The honey fragrance
Appreciated by the greatest perfumers for its roundness and sweetness, the honey fragrance has become the emblematic note of Guerlain, which has made bees its symbol for more than 150 years.

Honey is usually a fragrance used to support compositions: for softness in floral fragrances, or to add depth to oriental fragrances. The fragrance of honey is therefore often a ground note that lasts and marks the spirits for a long time.

This precious nectar, which we owe to the tireless work of bees, is a true activator of memories.

For some, synonymous with greed, the scent of honey is reminiscent of Christmas pastries just taken out of the oven, or the comfort of a cup of tea by the fire. 

For others, the honey candle is a real bath of nature and Provence, a nap in the sun in the middle of a lavender field.

Honey has been known since the dawn of time for its regenerating and comforting virtues. Immerse yourself in the fragrance of the AKARA Honey Candle as if in a wellness bubble.

Where does the honey smell come from?
To recreate the fragrance of honey, we sometimes use beeswax from which we extract the absolute, a real concentrate of nature with accents of tobacco, hay and leather.
Its fragrance varies depending on whether it comes from lavender, thyme, fir or linden…

It is also possible to compose the fragrance of honey from synthetic molecules that recreate its particular aroma. By associating them, we can then give it beautiful fruity nuances, herbaceous or flowery.

Did you know? Honey candles in magic rituals
In many cultures, honey is synonymous with love, happy marriage and prosperity.

Therefore, there are many esoteric rituals involving honey candles. These are mainly used to attract the affection of a desired person, or to find harmony in relationships.

Candle 220g wax, 35 to 40h combustion. Net weight: 1kg.


Each piece is entirely handmade.  It can therefore have small differences in size, weight or appearance, as well as small holes or a slightly different hue of the photograph.

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A simple, pure, minimalist creation; hand-formed concrete, rapeseed wax poured to obtain an object that will match all interior decorations. 

For a raw but delicate candle, whose container can be reused as you wish. 

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