BOX bleu petal - Design : By Manet
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BOX bleu petal

By Manet
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BOX blue petal

Both box and sculpture, it is freely inspired by nature.

This collection of scale boxes questions the boundary between the object of use and sculpture. Make the beautiful useful and create surprise by manipulating to make a sculpture functional.

Once opened, this organic sculpture transforms itself into a jewelry case to carefully store your necklaces, rings and watches, or in a candy box or a pouch.

These fancy ceramic boxes are available in a wide choice of shapes and colors, varying surfaces and effects, and conceal within them mysteries of colors and texture. They are made of sandstone with the technique of turning to create the base then each petal, ball or spike is modeled and assembled one by one. As for all the rest of my ceramic production, I make my own enamels to obtain materials effects and unique colors. This gives each piece a unique hue and aspect that I appreciate the authenticity of.

Manufacturing process:
Ceramics are a long process that requires doing the right thing at the right time. With each change of state, from a mole earth to a dry earth, an action is necessary with pauses between each to go to a very progressive drying over several days to not generate tensions and therefore cracks. Then at least two firings will follow 3 days each. The first, at 980°C, bakes a "biscuit" that leaves the earth porous so that it can fix the enamel that is deposited liquid. The second, at 1150° or 1250° (depending on the type of clay) will vitrify the earth and fuse the enamel on the walls to reveal its matte or glossy appearance and its color.

Each piece being unique, do not hesitate to ask me for a personalized creation in the colors and dimensions of your choice.

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By Manet

Ceramist craftswomen designer, Emmanuelle Musset create in her workshop in Essonnes (near Paris) objects between use and decoration. Through several collections of lamps, vases and vessel, she explores different associations between earth, glass (glaze) and wood.

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