Scented concrete candle - Rosewood - Design : AKARA.
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Scented concrete candle - Rosewood

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Renowned for its revitalising effects, the Rosewood scented candle will give you back the energy you were missing. In perfumery, rosewood is one of the most widespread top-of-the-range perfumes, and for good reason! It contains a wide range of aromas, a floral yet woody scent with a slight peppery hint. The complexity of this perfume is certainly what makes its success today. The Rosewood scented candle is ideal to diffuse in the living room of your home, or even in your bathroom, to revitalize your day! This fresh fragrance will seduce you in all circumstances. Benefit from a beautiful floral accord at the top, followed by a sweet scent of sandalwood at the heart and a vanilla essence at the base.


Made in rough concrete, its minimalist aspect will marry marvellously with all interior decorations. Light grey in colour, the concrete jar has been shaped by hand. Cast, unmoulded, sanded and varnished for a solid finish, varnished inside for a watertight seal, the container can be reused as you wish once the candle is finished.


  • S - 90 grams :
    Dimensions: 4.5cm x ⌀ 7.5cm
    Total weight: 0.340kg
    For an original and unique perfumed discovery. This format is ideal for enjoying a fragrant foretaste before launching into the larger formats! Approximately 17 hours of burning time.


  • M - 290 grams :
    Dimensions: 9.5cm x ⌀ 10cm
    Total weight: 1,220kg
    An intermediate format for all lovers of quality candles. Cast in a thick, heavy and very sturdy pot, the set will proudly stand out in your room, of medium size, and will easily adapt to all your decorations thanks to its light grey colour and matt finish. Burns for about 50 hours.


  • L- 370 grams :
    Dimensions: 6.7cm x ⌀ 11.2cm
    Total weight: 1kg
    THE format for those who are a fan of a particular scent. Enjoy your favourite scent for a very long burn time of about 70 hours.

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A simple, pure, minimalist creation; hand-formed concrete, rapeseed wax poured to obtain an object that will match all interior decorations. 

For a raw but delicate candle, whose container can be reused as you wish. 

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