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Pair of dessert plates - Designerbox

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Creator of the brand identity for designerbox, Ich & Kar, in their desire to create an ever-expanding universe, imagined a different typeface for each of the numbers on the boxes. Box#21 will remain a mathematical affair : Asked this time to imagine the contents, they have designed a pair of screen-printed plates which, when put close together, form the symbol of infinity. Passionate about ‚ÄúArts and Mathematics," Helena Ichbiah, the « Ich » of the couple, reinterprets the infinite into a Moebius strip.
In this February special box designed around Valentine's Day, the concept provides subscribers with a moment of eternity to enjoy. The two copper rings only display their full meaning when put together: the strictly mathematical interpretation of love remains filled with poetry.

White porcelain plates are formed by pressing the clay inside a steel mold. The parts are then subjected to a first firing at about 1000°C that hardens the plates, and makes the porous enamel that can then be attached to the surface. Each plate is then quickly dipped by hand in an enamel bath, creating a smooth and shiny surface with as constant a thickness as possible. The plates are then subjected to a second firing at 1400°C for twenty-four hours to vitrify the enamel and give the whiteness and strength of the porcelain. Each plate is then checked to rule out stains, cracks, enamel gaps and distortions. 
The pattern is screen-printed on a flexible support with a special paste that solidifies at very high temperatures. These are color prints. In the manner of a decal they are soaked in water to loosen the backing and are then fixed by hand to the white porcelain. A yellow film, still visible at this point, disappears when heated to 400 degrees. Firing continues at 800 degrees for 5 hours before returning slowly to room temperature the next day, fixing the enamel color on the porcelain.


Design duo Ich & Kar have imagined a pair of dessert plates for lovers that give an intimation of eternity. Copper rings screen-printed on individual plates make up the infinity symbol when two sweethearts dine side by side

Object dimensions : 19,5 cm, H 2,5 cm 

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∅ 19,5 x 2,5 cm 
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