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Designerbox 8


Ref : DBX008B0200

Designerbox#8 - One-Off edition - Jan.2014 - Numbered wooden box with a pair of desk accessories and its certificate of Authenticity

Starting from a standardized industrial technology, Pauline Deltour overturns the production chain through adapting it to a tiny scale. The feminine curve of the pen holder and the gold and bronze colors makes "process" a precious desk accessory.

Function : Desk Accessories

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Designerbox #8

With Process, Pauline Deltour uses a full industrial technique, widely used in architecture, to come up with a limited edition personal object, tailored to home decor. This technical prowess could be achieved only through close and continuous relationship between the industrial producer and the designer.

Pauline Deltour demonstrates that it can be done and reminds us that the work of a designer, notwithstanding the shaping element, is first and foremost to question materials and to push the boundaries of industrial processes further.

Know-How :

Pauline Deltour has come up with an original profile. A dedicated mold was made out of her original drawing in order to produce a spinneret (mold) into which hot metal is cast and then elongated and extruded at a high temperature. Each profile thus produced is plunged into an anodizing bath, to capture the tinges selected by the designer – golden and bronzed.

Each piece is hand-cut and carefully polished by a metal expert craftsman. The cut, left raw is a testament to the initial concept, the idea of a hidden industrial technique now diverged to produce a limited series for all to see.

Color : Gold and Bronze

Object dimensions : L 20 cm, h5,5 cm, profondeur 9 cm

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