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Designerbox 27 - Les chouettes

Design by BIG-GAME

Ref : DBX027D0100

Designerbox#27 - August,2015 - Numbered wooden box including 3 Oak wood animals with its certificate of authenticity, a newspaper & a surprise from Ludilabel. 

A whimsical trio; the three “CHOUETTES” (owls), that BIG GAME imagined, adorn any shelf with their joyful looks. Piercing the dark, their round eyes light up to woo the young as much as the old.

Function : Decoration

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Designerbox #27

For Designerbox, BIG-GAME wanted first and foremost to come up with an object with which subscribers will entertain a particular bond. Inspired by the Enzo Mari’s puzzle “Sedici animali“ edited by Danese as well as by other iconic wooden animals (cf p.6) the creators imagined three simple geometrical figures carved in wood to represent owls. Embodiments of a joyous and optimistic design, CHOUETTES are also signature objects for the trio of authors: detachable, the three pieces are relating perfectly one to another when side by side. Gifted with large pairs of phosphorescent eyes, inspired by the classic representations found in cartoons or comic books, the three pieces satisfy the need to innovate of their authors and will happily light the night of the young and the old. 


It is in the heart of Jura, a French region, and using its oak wood harvested in its forest under the PEFC label (a label certifying foresting sustainable management) that CHOUETTES were made with the greatest care by the craftsmen of ASbois company. From wood selection to the minute machining of the eyes, all the know-how and technology of this manufacturer, holder of the label « Entreprise du patrimoine vivant » (organic heritage Business), has been called upon to grant to this nocturnal trio its quality. This company was also the one which in 2013 produced the series of animals imagined by OutOfStock designers for designerbox#4 and which, more broadly contributes in making sure that many products involving design and wood see the lights such as the series of vase and candle holders in turned wood drawn by FX Ballery for the house Y a Pas le Feu au Lac.

Color : Wood

Object dimensions : H 11<16 cm x L: 8<11cm

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