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Designerbox 4


Designerbox#4 - One-Off edition -Sept. 2013- Numbered wooden with a kit of 3 wooden animals and its certificate of Authenticity

Created by the designers collective Outofstock « By the edge » are animated objects featuring an elephant, a buffalo and a Rhino. Workplace or home decor accessories, simply laid on edges, they come to life and bring a surprising touch to your home.

Function : Decoration

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Designerbox #4

This collection of objects encompasses the core principles of Outofstock’s creativity: environmental consciousness, simplicity and humor. Outofstock is a collective of designers working between Barcelona and Singapore. Winking to Asia as far as the figures choices are concerned – elephant, buffalo and rhino- these animated objects are toying with contrasts: between function and display. Finally they follow a design tradition where creators have their way with the animals’ shapes, from Enzo Mari in 1957, to contemporary designers : shifting cows into sofas (Julia Lohman) frogs into tables (Ella Jongerius), cats into seats (Javier Mariscal), or birds into sculptures (Charles and Ray Eames, Les Frères Bouroullec) to list but a few emblematic and contemporary examples.

Know-How :

« By the edge » is a collection of objects carved out of plain ash tree wood, in the Jura region of France; historical site of wooden furniture production whose output follows the rules of sustainable forest management. Jura is derived from the latin word Juria meaning wood. For years, wood craftsmanship was the driving economical force of this part of France. Its know-how is a perfect match to its environment and is certified by the PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

The Jura’s forest exploitation is ecologically managed, meaning that any cut down tree’s spot is instantly reseeded and factories handling the transformation of this raw material are located in the heart of the forest thereby minimizing transportation. The production of the collection pieces needed custom made tools. Each piece was shaped using a spindle moulder and precise sawing. The gouging of the eyes brings the animal shape to life; its sanding guarantees a softness to the touch while preserving the preciseness of the curve initially drawn.

Color : Bois 

Object dimensions : L 4cm, H 4,5 cm, depth 8,5 cm

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