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Designerbox 66 - Osmoze


Designerbox#66 - Gift box in a limited edition - December 2018 - Box including "OSMOZE", a luminous wireless speaker, design by matali crasset, delivered with a magazine.

Designerbox gave to the very creative matali crasset the task to create a nomadic object that invites to conviviality and to the sharing (in line with the Xmas period)...

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Designerbox #66

To celebrate together and in good company the end of the year, Designerbox is thinking big with Thomson.

To bring people together, there’s nothing better than music. To warm the hearts, there is nothing better than a little light at the center.

Osmoze allows you to play your music from your smartphone from a Bluetooth® connection or a USB key, and also to create your own lighting atmosphere at nightfall. Thanks to its integrated battery and its handle, you can easily carry it on your terrace and enjoy the sunset in music.

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There's nothing quite like the excitement of receiving a surprise gift in the post, and its even better if the gift in question turns out to be a beautifully made, limited edition design object