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Designerbox 65


 Designerbox#65 - Gift box in a limited edition - November 2018 - Box including a pop shelf, design by Jean Couvreur, delivered with a magazine.

To take the wall shelf out of its slightly «boring» register, designer Jean Couvreur offers us a delicacy as we like them at Designerbox.

Dimensions (en cm) L.34,5 / P.15 / e.3,5

Function : Decoration

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Designerbox #65

At first glance, the CAKE shelf is a familiar object: from the delicacy of the fluting of a cupcake to the elegance of the glass awnings of the Parisian steps, everyone finds their own reference, as the motif of this shelf contributes to make it universal.

CAKE is an archetypal form, a shelf that exists as such but will truly showcase every object it can support. And since this shelf is mostly a shape, it had to be given a colour more than a material, that works as a signal and highlights its plasticity.

Revealing the way Jean Couvreur sees design:s show the part of extra in the ordinary.

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There's nothing quite like the excitement of receiving a surprise gift in the post, and its even better if the gift in question turns out to be a beautifully made, limited edition design object