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Designerbox 22

Design by DAN YEFFET

Ref : DBX022C0100

Designerbox#22 - One-Off edition –March 2015- Numbered wooden box with a wood trivet, its certificate of Authenticity and some surprises.

A graphic and practical trivet designed by Dan Yeffet, «Sticks» raises the bar for this utensil to a level of design. A timeless object with a chic esthetic touch to be placed at the center of the table.

Function : Art of living

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Designerbox #22

Made out of geometrical yet uneven wooden sticks that are arranged in a neat star-shaped display, "Sticks", the trivet, evokes the image of an ancestral hearth to better conjure conviviality. As a place setting for a festive or everyday table, this humble object is destined to be overshadowed by a family plate filled to the brim. Between a streamlined look and an obvious use, "Sticks" is set to become a tableware as timeless as are the culinary arts and gourmet’s pleasures.

Know How :

Sticks is an accessory made out of full oakwood, an organic material which is to be handled with caution to capture its best features. In order to enable the "sticks" precise processing and assembling as well as to get a nice tint that will hold against time, the oak wood has been dried with care. 
Drying is a lengthy albeit necessary step in any wood work : after cutting, the oak planks are left to rest in the open air for many months and, are next moved into a vacuum chamber to decrease their level of humidity from 80% to 10%.

Color : Wood

Object dimensions : diameter 28 cm, H 2,5 cm

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There's nothing quite like the excitement of receiving a surprise gift in the post, and its even better if the gift in question turns out to be a beautifully made, limited edition design object